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  • David Polley

Ignition Charges Up Event with New EV Initiative

Ignition Events - EV provides expert ‘alternative energy’ launch capabilities that sets us aside from most other media event companies in this space today.

Several of our managing partners has completed hybrid and EV technology education and certifications, which means we have the expertise and the knowledge to set us aside from the rest, when it comes to EVs… so no ‘short-circuits’ on our watch!

Managing fleets of EVs requires a strong understanding of science, chemistry and the architecture behind these innovative vehicles. Ignition Events-EV has acquired this knowledge and expertise to enable us to manage your fleets in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

Ignition Events-EV has partnered up with innovative EV charging companies, electrical engineering automotive consultants and designers to create the capabilities to plan and design leading-edge creative EV media launches unlike any

other launch company out there today.

Paul Shippey, founder and CEO of Ignition Events lai

d out his vision for the future of media launches.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a massive and rapid transformation with EVs making their presence felt more and more each month.

“In the next two years we will witness the launch of approximately 50 new electric vehicles in the US market. We at Ignition wanted to be ahead of the curve to offer clients a launch experience for these new models unlike any other out there.  We set ourselves apart from the rest by going back to school to study EV and hybrid technology.

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