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  • David Polley


…As we enter a new decade - perhaps it’s is.

Does it feel like your media events need a little added excitement or perhaps a refresh?

If so, then look no further than

Ignition Events.

Formed in 2019, our team of seasoned pros offer half a century of combined experience along with the knowledge and skills to make your automotive event a success. Ignition’s compact team provides boutique event services for you and your target audience.

Our detail-oriented team are experts in every facet of our work and our centrally located facility in Denver, Colorado, is ideally located to handle automotive events in any state in the country. Our nimble footprint also provides

nation-wide mobility.

The Ignition men have a great deal of expertise in mountain terrain and winter environments, from ice driving to the extremes of off-roading in big mountain country. Instead of your event company having to hire a bunch of pros to build an off-road experience, design an ice-drive, or even drive a hot lap - one of the owners of Ignition has the ability to handle any one of these tasks.

Our staff love to play in the outdoors, so we are comfortable working in conditions that most would baulk at. As a veteran-owned and operated company, our discipline, excellence, and integrity means you get the best the industry has to offer from our dynamic and dedicated team.

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