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Central Colorado

The Ignition team will take you back in time on a journey into the heart of mining country, high in the majestic Rockies. Our journey begins on the world’s second most scenic train journey – according to Fodors-   to an old mining town that time didn’t completely forget.  

After a three-hour trip thought breathtaking mountain scenery our steam locomotive chugs into town down the main street, where your vehicles will be staged alongside the track. Guests will take in the splendor and history of a bygone era before hopping into your vehicles for an off-road adventure to ghost towns and to places that few have seen. 

The history journey continues overnight in a grand old hotel that dates back to 1883. The next day we hit the pavement on some of the most amazing driving roads in the country en-route back to the airport and reality! 

Ignition Incline

Historic accommodations 

with culinary adventures punctuate the challenges of the mountain terrain

Scenic paved mountain roads and challenging remote trails customized by our staff and guides

Ignition Incline


Combine your travel with an automotive adventure that embodies excitement and the spirit of the Rockies

- Invitation Only Event -

Manufacturers Interested in Participating Please Contact Ignition Events

for Full Event Brochure, Itinerary, and Pricing

Ignition Incline Train
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