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Bentley Southwest Tour Recap - Fall 2019

Ignition Events successfully completed its first full-scale event after its relaunch with Bentley Motors for a grand tour of the American desert in the new 2020 Continental GT.

If you are going to go on a grand tour in a luxury coupe, you can find few better options than the new 2020 Bentley Continental GT V8. As it happens, the Ignition Team had the opportunity to take nine of these amazing vehicles on a three-day tour of the American southwest. Beginning in Phoenix, and basing the trip out of La'Auberge de Sedona in Sedona, AZ, the team traveled with Bentley and select media to tour around the Grand Canyon, and the back desert roads.

How Ignition Events

Handled The Heat

The Ignition Team fired up a flawless event from beginning to end providing logistical, vehicle, and managerial support.

  • Advanced Scouting Teams - Our team combed the desert to find the best locations, drive the routes, and identify any challenges - and find solutions - well ahead of the event.

  • Airport Hosting - Bentley staff and invited media were greeted by the Ignition team at the airport, ushered to their vehicles, and given a brief overview of the Continental and the trip ahead. At the end of the event, our team stood ready to get them back in the air and home safe.

  • Unmatched Presentation - Each vehicle was expertly detailed by our team, inspected to ensure top performance and safety, and staged to present the best possible product each and every day.

  • Event Logistics - Each vehicle was coordinated with transportation professionals and managers to ensure the least amount of down time. Our team prepped the vehicles for their next events and several of the vehicles were lease turn ins.

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Bentley Southwest Tour Event Page

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